GNOC – Galactica Network Operations Centre

Introducing GNOC “Galactica Network Operations Centre” providing you the protection, monitoring and intelligence for your business and IT equipment know that your business and assets are proactively monitored and managed by our team


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Galactica Network Operations Centre (GNOC)

Our Industry leading and new GNOC (Galactica Network Operations Centre) has the capabilities, management & best technicians at bay throughout the Essex & London region to formate a stronghold to protect, monitor & react to threats or risk for our customers at the blink of a eye. With the powerful these powerful insights, our customers are able to focus more on their business requirements having in mind their partners has their protection at hand.

Bespoke Services provided by our Galactica Network Operations Centre
Monitoring, Reactive Task Management & Live Colleague Support

Monitoring like never before, our team of technicians operate 24-7 365 Days a year, reactively and proactively monitoring your network and end user machines, being able to identify a threat before it becomes live instance to the end users.

Fault Detection Response

Having the thought of knowing that Galactica IT Group shall be monitoring your infrastructure and end user equipment. This empowers the key aspects of detection to fault meaning having Team Galactica by your side can minimise faults becoming impactable to the end users or equipment and place nessasary business continuity measures in place.

Network Configuration Control

Network Management Tools, Patch & Security Implementation management & Penetration, Vulnerbility Testing offers you the assurances that your security and protection is our priority and that includes having your network configured to a fine tooth comb!

Maintenance & Traffic Analysis

Maintaining your systems is key to achieving and securing your business, these will include your day to day patch and security management, as businesses move for virtual with cloud solution there is a small minority that still rely on physical machinary too. Regardless either solution these will always require the attention to detail they deserve.

Monitoring traffic helps prevent room for cyber attack or risk becoming brute forceful which can be devestation to business, let us help prevent it for you.

N-Able Central, RMM & Backup

Conquer network complexity and leverage industry-leading integrations to scale with ease with the Our customised and tailored N‑able N-central platform – our flagship remote monitoring and management solution specifically customised for Galactic.

All of our GNOC teams have an array of skills and experience, from public and private sector intelligence through to exceptional customer service, ensuring that our dedicated team members are always on hand to support our customers and their colleagues, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Lee Strachan
Award Winning experienced Director and IT professional within the IT and security industry offering a wealth of experience from all backgrounds through consultancy and governance.
Ian Birch
Bringing data protection, cyber awareness training and essentials accrediation in support from the Director Lee Strachan. Ian will ensure your IT Governance is up to speed.uat.
Paul Webb
Intelligence Consultant
Serving over 15 years experience in the IT Industry, and Security environment Paul offers full range of vulerbility, penetration and security adhoc testing throughout all ranges of industries at a ethical hacker
Hayley Longhurst
Executive Assistant/Client Relations
Providing the middleware of communication for our partners and customers, ensuring they are best looked after. Hayley carries a wealth of experience and customer relations in many tough situations.


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