Cloud Solutions are the Future.

Cloud Solutions are the future for businesses; have you made the change?

By replacing computing infrastructure with Cloud Data Storage can significantly help cut costs within a business. Our cloud hosting services including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web (AWS) and Public and Private Cloud Services.

Cloud solutions also have additional benefits including data backup which allows a fail safe solutions that ensures your data is available for immediate restore in case of loss. Additionally, by using the cloud allows for anti-spam protection. We will ensure your business is kept safe from spam, viruses, malware and other risks.

Call us today to find out how your business can benefit from cloud solutions.

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Galactica Group was founded in the summer of 2014 due to the fusion between Galactica IT Solutions (London) and Info Tech USA (New York). With an innovative customer-centric work-flow, the Group was designed for IT consulting and solutions, which has extended to a wide range of digital, technical, infrastructural, web and software services for businesses. Galactica Group can help with Digital transformation, Cloud Services (with a dedicated sub-branch named GITG-cloud), IT computing services, support consultation, crisis management and disaster recovery, cyber-security, network and infrastructure managed solutions while offering appropriate education support services