The boom of data traffic and online services (financial, medical and entertainment), e-commerce, and click and collect has sharply risen. Speaking of which, Covid-19 has radically changed our lives, making them more digital while challenging networks and users who are more often victims of cyber-security-attacks- seeing the need to implement a cyber-security strategy. However, not all evil comes to harm.

The emergency created by the pandemic has opened up a new opportunity: to acquire cyber awareness of security. Indeed, there has never been a better time to check your protection online – like now.

Many companies have moved and made the “Work from Home” compulsory whilst improving their AGILE method. Besides, millions of employees and freelancers are connected from home and work across multiple online platforms. But it does not finish here. The forecasts predict that, once the pandemic is over, there will not be many activities returning to the normalcy that we knew. Many companies are already preparing to offer employees flexible homeworking, but many others to permanently work remotely.

When it comes to cyber-security, what needs to be protected?

For years, the digitalisation of work processes has also altered the concept of “good or corporate property”. In fact, for some years now, the following have also been part of the company economic resources:

1- The set of essential computer components (operating systems and programs)
2- The networks that connect individual IT devices
3- Data and information, perhaps the most precious “asset” in any company

Cyber-security is a key component for the success of your business. Issues such as data theft (like private data of your customers or visitors), the damage of equipment that causes the delay or suspension of the workflow, and losses on the return of income and traffic – are not only reasons for tensions and economic waste. They can also affect company reputation and users who may decide to trade with other businesses.

An IT Crisis Management Plan is essential to protect all digital assets belonging to the company. Whether yours is a multinational corporation, mid-size company, local business or start-up, you can never be too prepared for a potential cyber security issue. Therefore, a Crisis and Risk Management response plan is a key component for reducing Cyber-Security nowadays.

Galactica Group can provide you with a cyber security and risk management consultancy meeting the industry recognised standards. If you are looking to implement your strategy and reduce your cyber risk, our team is here to help. Please, get in touch today for more information either by emailing us at or contact us on +44(0)1702 595 745.

Galactica Group was founded in the summer of 2014 due to the fusion between Galactica IT Solutions (London) and Info Tech USA (New York). With an innovative customer-centric work-flow, the Group was designed for IT consulting and solutions, which has extended to a wide range of digital, technical, infrastructural, web and software services for businesses. Galactica Group can help with Digital transformation, Cloud Services (with a dedicated sub-branch named GITG-cloud), IT computing services, support consultation, crisis management and disaster recovery, cyber-security, network and infrastructure managed solutions while offering appropriate education support services