Cyber Crime Is Moving Fast, Consider Your Protection

VPN Vulnerabilities, Remote working has resulted in a rise in the use of corporate VPNs. But inexperience means many businesses aren’t equipped to look for and patch security vulnerabilities being exploited by malicious hackers. 💻

Cyber attacks targeting vulnerabilities in virtual private networks (VPN) are on the rise, and many organisations are struggling to protect their networks.

Many organisations still aren’t taking the action required to fully protect their networks from these attacks. 🔓

To remain robust against cyber attacks, organisations should apply security patches as soon as possible. Not being able to use VPNs for a short time while the updates are applied isn’t ideal, but it’s better than having to uproot the entire network after a full-scale breach.

Denial Of Service – DOS, By making a service unavailable or overloading the system with traffic, the attacker turns a computer worthless (inaccessible) to the user.

Distributed Denial Of Service – DDOS, a little different to Denial Of Service. To launch attacks and flood the victim’s computer with useless and overloaded traffic, the attacker has access to a large number of computers (hundreds or thousands). The systems will eventually overheat and crash since they are unable to harness the power required to conduct the demanding processing.

DNS Spoofing, In this attack, an attacker will divert traffic away from real DNS servers and send it to a “pirated” server. This could result in the corruption or theft of a user’s personal information. 👻

All the above can involve cyber crimes such as ransomware, money laundering and data breaches. There is many ways to prevent being victim to a attack on better compliance and knowledge building, this may be done with regular IT auditing and penetration testing and advisory of protection layers on your assets and data.

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