Essex Guild Homes

Business Requirements

The client required an infrastructure solution & setup for their Real Estate premises, this included switches, firewalls & Wifi connectivity to optimise best from their business and practices alongside governance and compliance.

Essex Guild Homes setup prior to the solution being implemented were using non POE (power over ethernet) hubs bridging between one another to provide their solution, VOIP Telephony devices were powered by direct power plug source.

Requirement for bespoke cloud solutions for file storage facilities and personal private storage to move away from traditional hybrid/ on premises solution.

Solutions Provided

Essex Guild Homes were provided with Ubiquiti Unifi infrastructure solutions to provide a tailored service which can be managed cloud based and remotely by MSP & MSSP providers. Installation included a POE (Power over Ethernet) 8 Port Switch, Security Gateway Firewall with VPN functionality alongside a Wireless Access Point to provide bespoke internet connectivity speeds to clients/ end users.

Data cabling was currently sat at a Category 5 grade, which a new run of points and outlets including cable management at a Cat6a grade were installed with minimal outage provided.

Client required a migration to Microsoft 365 solutions, including email services with the attraction to move file storage facilities from a physical server to Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive to provide a full transparent access level to their files externally and internally via secure source channels. Galactica IT Group carried out the file transfer migration out of hours to prevent end user disruption.

Training and support were provided through change process to the client to ensure all team members were comfortable on navigation.

Client Feedback

“Lee and his team are great to work with, professional and efficient with their work loads. Galactica built our website and carry out our local SEO work alongside the traditional IT Support for my team. The leading IT Support firm in Essex, and surrounding areas.”

“Great team, supportive and understanding to small businesses requirements, Lee is a humble and kind individual which has helped our team massively since taking over our IT Contract.”


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