We are thrilled to announce Galactica Group is officially attending the ExSE 2021 on 11-13 May. EXSE2021 (East by Southeast) is a 3-day virtual business festival presented by Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, The BEST Growth Hub and Chufd.

The event has born with the aim to provide the business community in Essex with a friendly forum for mutual support, advice and global publicity sharing business stories.

The festival will be online and free to attend and every visitor will get a digital goodie bag ZIP file with discount codes and promotional offers from exhibitors and businesses.

EXSE2021 in a nut:

It Support Consultants Raleigh Southend Essex

1- ExSE 2021 Business stories

Over two days of 20-minute stories from Essex businesses. Don’t miss out our Managing Director Lee Strachan telling Galactica Group story and how he proudly went from living on the streets of Southend on Sea to owning his own successful business. (Read more about it on Essex Live Online Magazine)

2- ExSE 2021 Conference, Network and Support
Storytellers, exhibitors and visitors. But also UK and international keynotes, panel discussions and interactive workshops in an amazing virtual auditorium. Plus a virtual trade show with over 100s of branded interactive virtual booths and business advice and support from the BEST Growth Hub.

3- Awards

The NOVO 50 Awards will celebrate the 50 most innovative businesses in Essex. NOVO Project Manager, Sarah Brockwell, is manning the exhibition stand and will be on hand to answer any questions about the awards. Powered by the Best Growth Hub, NOVO is Essex’s most prestigious business awards programme centred on innovation. For more info read here.

It Support Consultants Raleigh Southend Essex

Visit the Official Web Site to discover more and do not hesitate to contact us for information or clarifications either by emailing at inquiries@galacticagroup.cloud or contacting us on +44 (0) 1702 595 745.

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Galactica Group was founded in the summer of 2014 due to the fusion between Galactica IT Solutions (London) and Info Tech USA (New York). With an innovative customer-centric work-flow, the Group was designed for IT consulting and solutions, which has extended to a wide range of digital, technical, infrastructural, web and software services for businesses. Galactica Group can help with Digital transformation, Cloud Services (with a dedicated sub-branch named GITG-cloud), IT computing services, support consultation, crisis management and disaster recovery, cyber-security, network and infrastructure managed solutions while offering appropriate education support services