Little Steps to Becoming Cyber Resilient

Password storage – how do you manage 100 unique passwords? 

WarehousePreviously we have discussed that compromised and default passwords must be changed and the rules which should be set for ensure strong, complex passwords. The issue is how do you and your staff remember a different password for each account you utilise?

Some stats for you: 
Most people have over 100 accounts which require username and password.
The average number of passwords has increased 25% in the last year, compared to a similar poll in 2019, which placed the average number of passwords at 70 to 80. One reason for this could be the global pandemic, which has forced many people to use more services online, introducing the necessity to generate new accounts.

This might explain why people use easy-to-guess passwords — they simply have too many to remember. So, it is hardly surprising that people use either very simple passwords or have a few and reuse them for all accounts.

What should I do?

Decide the best method for you and your employees to remember those passwords. You can:

  • use a password manager – either as part of the browser or as a separate solution
  • Key in cabinet lockwrite them down (keeping them away from prying eyes and safe – maybe locked away in a cabinet and written in a code that only you can understand). Do not store them electronically on a word document named “passwords” as this will be an obvious place for an attacker in your system to look

If you want to get rid of insecure, re-used passwords, then this should be a priority action for you to implement

Next week… What is 2FA and why should I use it?

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