Microsoft 365 is getting new features!

Microsoft 365 is getting new features! Galactica IT Group

Microsoft 365 is getting new features!

The software is now expanding new tools to assist with hybrid working including virtual presentations and new meeting room hardware.

In December, Microsoft announced they were developing a new feature that would allow users to specify if they would be attending a meeting in person or online – called Outlook RSVP.

It has also been reported that a new video call layout is being developed which enables more hybrid working meetings which brings remote participants eye to eye with those in the office.

In the future months it has been announced that Microsoft will integrate recording studio and cameo, two features of PowerPoint that enable users to record and add videos to their presentation.

Additionally, a feature that will assist individuals all around the world has been unveiled called language Interpretation for Microsoft Teams. This allows human interpreters to dial into a presentation to provide live translation for guests who speak to a different language to the one the presentation is in.

Nicole Kerskowitz (VP Microsoft Teams) stated “While so much has changed about work, one thing remains constant: people are at the center. With technologies like Microsoft Teams supporting people, we can make hybrid work really work by bringing everyone – and everything – together.”

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