Microsoft New Commerce Experience

New Introductions of New Commerce Experience means that Microsoft licencing has changed, new experience of services and commitment with monthly rolling or annual rolling to fulfil the suitability for all businesses and users.

What is Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience

Microsoft New Commerce Experience (NCE) provides a simplified journey for both partners and customers to transact cloud services in a consistent and standardized purchase motion.

Starting January 2022, Microsoft will bring this purchase motion to seat-based offers like Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Windows 365. By transitioning to New Commerce Experience early with Ingram Micro Cloud, partners can provide their customers with new sales capabilities and deliver greater operational efficiencies.

Benefits of the New Commerce Experience (NCE)
Moving to the new platform means you can ensure your business is set up for the future and drive higher profitability. Chat with our expert and learn more about how you can purchase on the Cloud Marketplace.
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Faster-time to value with solutions from Microsoft and partners
IT Consultants Managed Support Essex - Galactica IT Group
Increased flexibility without compromising control
IT Consultants Managed Support Essex - Galactica IT Group
Optimize costs and unlock new savings
IT Consultants Managed Support Essex - Galactica IT Group
Built on a foundation of trust and security
What this means for M365, D365 and Power Platform Per-User Subscriptions on NCE
Benefits of the New Commerce Experience (NCE)
  • Enforced cancellation policy
  • Pricing benefits for annual-term subscriptions that lock in pricing for the entire term
  • Multi-year plans for D365
  • Increased offer and subscription upgrade availability
Operational efficiency and cost savings
  • Enhanced provisioning capabilities and subscription pause for dunning
  • Improved subscription-management capabilities
  • Easier price list and reconciliation file processing
  • Automated subscription changes at renewal
More choices for customers
  • Premium-priced monthly term subscription that allows cancellation or seat-count reduction as needed
  • New Windows 365 (monthly term only, at annual term pricing)
  • Easier adoption of new products and add-ons available separately
  • Consumption-based billing for telco offers


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