Holt Farm Infant School

Galactica IT Group have been working closely with Holt Farm Infant School locally within the town of Rochford, Essex providing computer hardware that has been certified refurbed by our own team to support the younger generation with their education needs.

Throwing disused technology can increase carbon footprint and increasing land-field wastage, when 9/10 can be restored back to life. Think before you throw and consider donating equipment to us to refurb and bring your unwanted hardware to good use.

Comments from headteacher Mr Robin Goodier: “Myself & the Holt Farm Infant School and students are extremely grateful for the kind donations which will be put to great use for supporting the younger generations education needs, thank you!”


The Log Cabin Charity

For a number of years, sponsoring & sponsorship has been contributed to The Log Cabin Charity, Ealing. The Log Cabin Charity supports younger generation students with special education needs requirements and helps build their confidence and experience with daily activities of life and socializing.

a total value of £4740.00 has been contributed to the charity over the years and we are proud to inform will continue our support to such a great cause.