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Whether you need help with an IT issue, disaster recovery or security, Galactica Group can help you provide unlimited managed IT support remotely or on-site. We are experts in IT computing, network, crisis management, security systems, cloud solutions, compliance, and more.

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Digital Transformation

The IT Industry changes so quickly that it’s hard to plan a strategy while keeping up with technological advancements. Galactica Group can help speed up business transformation, overcome obstacles, and improve your business efficiency through a digital transformation based on insight and data analysis. Whether you need to optimise an existing IT infrastructure or integrate digital technology into your business operations, we can support you to create your digital transformation strategy.

• Pain point analysis
• Digital transformation road map
• Coaching
• Innovation and strategy
• System integration
• Custom work-flow Application

IT Consulting Services

With many years of experience in the Information Technology Consulting industry, Galactica Group offers an unparalleled level of expertise. Over the years, we have provided IT Consulting Services to private companies and institutional organisations throughout England and the USA. Our IT experts will provide a real independent perspective to your company to maximise your potential IT assets and resources. We can cover aspects such as

• Technology and Systems Design and Architecture
• Applications Integration
• Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Vulnerability Risk Assessment and Security Audits.
• Systems Migration
• Computer care, maintenance, and system updates

IT Managed Services

Whether you are a small business or a medium enterprise, Galactica Group can help you manage your computer resources, support you and users, and cover the full spectrum of risk, cybersecurity, and audit services. We continuously monitor and proactively maintain your IT systems, including to provide detailed reports on the health of your infrastructure.

• Network management, monitoring and maintenance
• Hardware and software maintenance and monitoring
• Microsoft exchange server, Microsoft 365 and Cloud management
• On-site IT services
• Disaster recovery, local and Cloud backup services
• Remote desktop management

Fibre Optic Cabling Services

Fibre is the next big thing, are you ready to explore your ultra fast mind? Have up to 1gig of speeds to as  little as 300mbps on Fibre to the cabinet or Fibre to the exchange conditions? The use of fibre which is  made of glass is becoming more popular as the IT industry grows and is slowly replacing ADSL & Copper  feed circuits. Get in touch for a free survey!

• Fibre Optic Surveys
• Installations & Competitive Costs
• Blown Fibre
• Single mode OS1/OS2
• Multimode OM2, OM3, OM4 & OM5
• Fusion Splicing Termination

Cloud Solutions

Are you looking for a way to drive efficiency, be free from your desk or reduce your IT costs? Let us take your server to the cloud and eliminate hardware and utility expenses. By removing your computing infrastructure, we can cut down on your enterprise’s energy (helping the environment), maintenance and equipment costs offering you an all-inclusive pricing model combining reliability and diversity. Let us map your cloud solutions!

• IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
• Cost-efficient
• Flexible and customisable
• Mobile access: whenever, wherever
• Security and data protection
• Cloud-based disaster recovery solutions


Galactica Group hold proven track record of managing and installing various degree’s of CCTV and maintaining, we work with IP to COAX Analogue ranges in variation of qualities from HD all way thought to 8K, Thermo and Dark fighter technologies. Without strong partnerships we are able to deliver exempional services which will fail to disappoint!

• PTZ, Static, Dark fighter, Thermo and Facial Recognition
• Access Control Systems
• Door Entry
• Electric Gates and Barriers
• Monitoring Solutions

Fire Panel Interface Solutions 

Galactica Group is a recognised leader in installations, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems. We have been a partner with the best fire equipment brands in the UK and USA, and we can offer you the best high-quality standards and services available in the market. Our company is proud of our achievements to date, and we commit to continually enhancing our capabilities and knowledge to ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

• Crisis and Risk management plan
• Planning, Strategy and Systems Design
• Equipment supply
• Installation, upgrades, replacement and repair
• Testing and Inspection
• Support, maintenance and training


Our strategy and approach to IT and Security support can give you the freedom to focus on your organisation and clients without worrying about IT and safety on your daily list. We make it easy to receive a personalised quote based on your unique environment, challenges, business goals or Crisis Management plan. Call us today to receive a Free Online Quote!