Long running member, player and contributer to Southend Rugby Football Club and our Chief Executive Officer Lee Strachan has been sharing his continued passion with Rugby and his Local Club deep of hearts support.

To deliver social responsibility and support to his passion, Galactica Group of Companies have agreed to feed and drive Southend Rugby Club in to the 21st Century with their IT & Infrastructure.

A little History of Southend Rugby Club’s IT

The Club has been running and operating on legacy cabling of approaching lifespan 10 years on a catagory 5 grade, over the months they have been experiencing constant problematic issues with their infrastructure and connectivity. Galactica Group of Companies has recognised this and have offered our goodwill of support to the much beloved club dating back with so much history to 1870 establishment.

What will Galactica Group of Companies do?

The group will be coming in guttering all that old nasty degraded cable and infrastructure and redundant equipment, and upgrading it all to Catagory 6a Grade UTP Foil Data Cable complimentary to the club to recognise their continued hardwork and history. It does not stop there, The Club is the newest member to join the Ubiquiti Unifi Cloud Network solution to fully optimise their WIFI and Network services within the club for staff and commutes

A statement from our Chief Executive Officer

“It is without thought to say that, I am glad to be assisting a amazing Rugby Club with so much history behind itself dating back to 1870 and evergrowing till this day, sharing the same passion and drive in the sport of Rugby and playing with Southend Rugby Club I am forever contributed to help where I can and the team.”

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