We value you taking the time to understand more of the world to Galactica IT Group, an Essex family run business in the heart of Rayleigh and Rochford bringing the future of IT Support to your everyday needs.

We understand that switching or working with a IT Support provider or solution is not a easy step, that is why we have put us in your shoes and providing goodwill offers to get a flavour of how valued our services are these include:

  1. Free Consultancy Service’s valued up to £380.00!
  2. 30.00% Off all hardware & software acquisition from Galactica IT Group, this includes from leading providers such as #Dell #Lenovo #Ubquiti #HP and much more!
  3. Variable #Discounts and Free #Support Services from Small to Large size businesses at no additional costs

Galactica Group recognise there is a gap in the service for a Dual management solution, we are not your everyday IT provider, we support dual facilities management which involves our sub divisional arms:

  1. #IT Support Service 365 24/7
  2. IT #Consultancy Services
  3. Access Control
  4. #CCTV Installation Services
  5. #Fire Integration Systems
  6. Fibre Optic #Cabling Services
  7. Digital #Transformation
  8. #Cloud Solutions

One of our passions is dedicated delivery of services being a small family invested business we can do just that for your needs!

It does not stop there! We shall be supporting our new colleagues with our dedicated support team 24/7 365 days a year! Galactica Group can provide you with IT consultancy meeting the industry recognised standards. If you are looking to implement your strategy and reduce your IT costs, our team is here to help. Please, get in touch today for more information either by emailing us at enquiries@galacticagroup.cloud or contact us on +44(0)1702 595 745.

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Galactica Group was founded in the summer of 2014 due to the fusion between Galactica IT Solutions (London) and Info Tech USA (New York). With an innovative customer-centric work-flow, the Group was designed for IT consulting and solutions, which has extended to a wide range of digital, technical, infrastructural, web and software services for businesses. Galactica Group can help with Digital transformation, Cloud Services (with a dedicated sub-branch named GITG-cloud), IT computing services, support consultation, crisis management and disaster recovery, cyber-security, network and infrastructure managed solutions while offering appropriate education support services