Journey to a better future!#Itsinthebag 💼

Galactica IT Group has been working closely with Holt Farm Infant School giving further opportunities to their students.

Over the last series of weeks we have been supporting and providing refurbed laptops to educate Holt Farm Infant School students in the world of technology! 💻🖨

Not only that, taking opportunity to go Eco-friendly & green ♻️ making use of disused hardware that can have a new breeze of life instead of it being wasted in to land fields.

We are looking forward to providing more refurbished equipment to our colleagues in Rochford as they come in.

“Comments from the headteacher Mr Goodier”

Myself & the Holt Farm Infant School and students are extremely grateful for the kind donations which will be put to great use for supporting the younger generations education needs, thank you!

📧 want to get more involved with the good cause and services we provide, get in touch by emailing or calling 01702 595 745

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