Fire systems are necessary and important for your business. As a business owner, almost everywhere, there are many laws and regulations to address and assure that your business is accordingly safe and secure; these can range from the general health and safety requirements to more complex industry-specific legislation.

Especially in the UK and USA, Fire Safety is one of the most significant areas that comprises the health and safety laws and regulations. It requires legal obligations and ensures that any necessary investments or equipment safeguard your premises. Firefighting consists of a set of actions aimed at preventing the risk of fire hazard. It means that, while planning buildings for commercial or industrial purposes, it is necessary to consider a risk assessment into the whole Crisis Management Plan.

A reliable fire protection system – and related prevention – is fundamental and has a significant public interest about:

1- Safety and security of human life
2- Protection of assets
3- Protection of the environment

Fire alarm protection systems enhance the safety and security of people lives from small to medium fire hazard.

Galactica Group guarantees the highest health and safety standard procedures, especially in designing, installing Fire Detector Alarms, and planning of fire alarm protection systems to prevent and protect company edifices.

The Galactica team also offers the maintenance, control, and improvement of systems designed to stop unexpected fire events through regular standard equipment and periodic checks. Please, get in touch today for more information either by emailing at or contacting us on +44 (0) 1702 595 745.

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