Despite over a year of the pandemic- because of Covid-19– many recommendations on cyber awareness have made (for more information, read our article); continuing working from home exposes companies to cyber security risks, whose cause is identified by “the use of personal devices and the weaknesses of passwords used”.

Undoubtedly employees have a strategic role-play when it comes to security. By implementing a series of essential procedures, companies can significantly ensure employees while working from home by evaluating and strengthening the level of security awareness within the company and governance. Hence the need for adequate Crisis and Risk Management plans becomes essential to implement.

These are some essential security tips for your company that, as experts in this industry for over twenty years, we would like to suggest:

1. Security Training and awareness

They should be mandatory! Communicating awareness on safety choices, specifically when employees work from home, is a stepping stone to avoid jeopardising company systems and data.
Therefore the company should arrange regular training sessions to increase employees’ cybersecurity knowledge and awareness by providing updates on current cyber trends and threats.

2- Organisational procedures and policies

These policies should include minimum security requirements in configuring and updating corporate, personal, and home network devices. As a result, the implementation of company-wide management policies can contrast the threats and vulnerabilities when working from home.

3- … In a word: Security Crisis Management Plan

Everything brings back here. Companies cannot forbear including an entire up-to-date section on safety and remote working into the Crisis Management Plan. The company must create a Cyber Security culture that incorporates the company itself, those who work from home and, if necessary, the few employees in the office. Prevention, training, risks, solutions, and recovery practices have also to be part of the management plan

With over twenty years of experience in the IT sector, Galactica Group is capable of managing your security network and devices at 360. Our team of experts will assist you in implementing your Crisis Management Plan, and training your employees. By operating as an external IT department, we enable you to lighten the stress of higher turnover during this period. Please, get in touch today for more information either by emailing at or contacting us on +44(0)1702 595 745 and do not forget to visit our website for more information about all our services.

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